Affiliated to Pt. Deendayal Upadhyaya Shekhawati University, Sikar (Raj.)
About Organization

General Information


i. Name and address of the institution:-


District-SIKAR, State-RAJASTHAN, Pin code-332001

Telephone no. with code-01572-249515

ii.Year of Establishment:- AUGUST 2006

iii. Teacher Education Programme/s offered in the institution



 No. & Year of NCTE  Recognition

Sanctioned Intake




Dated 29-04-2015

100 Seats (Two Units)

iv. Details of Affiliation:-



 Name of the Affiliating Body

No.&Year           Affiliation 



Pt. Deendayal Upadhyaya Shekhawati University Sikar

क्रमांक-प02() सम्बद्ता/बी॰एड./एम.एड./2016-­17/5486­-92


v. Status of  Affiliation- Temporary   

   In the case of Temporary Affiliation, it is valid up to  - 31 July 2017


vi. Type of Management- Self financing Institution 


vii. In the case of Government Added or Self financing Institution, mention if the Institution is

    -  Managed by Subodh Public School Sanstha Sikar

    -  Registered Society                                                                                         Yes

    -  Registered Turst

    -  Company Registered under Section 25 of the companies Act


viii. Status of the Institution

    Independent Institution offering only Teacher Education Programme


ix.    Institution meant for    Co-Educational


x.    Accessibility

       a.    Whether accessibility in all weather and through Pucca Road- Yes

       b.     Name of the Nearest Railway Station - SIKAR

About Organization:

Subodh B.Ed. College, Sikar, Rajasthan is a Prestigious co-educational day Teachers Training College. Subodh B.Ed. College has been established with a view to educate young students to form an ideal character to cultivate among them good habits of cleanness & brotherhood, to prepare them to be good to the society & thus became loyal citizens of the nation. Education is imparted by quality and well experienced teachers in the atmosphere of lone and cane.

We will try our best to providing a positive & learning environment where all students can learn, develop and mature while promoting self-esteem, responsibility and respect for self as well as others. Today college is well known not only in Rajasthan but also beyond the Rajasthan.

  We have taken responsibility of improving student's overall personality and not only just educational qualities. Subodh B.Ed. College has always expected the same kind of responsibility from the Parents. Parents should think like Subodh B.Ed. College, have positive and creative attitude & be kind and personal.

   Subodh B.Ed. College is managed by Subodh Public School Sansthan Sikar.  Subodh Public School Sanstha's Reg. No is 8/Sikar/1994-95 Dated 8 June, 1994. The Core activity of Subodh Public School Sanstha is to provide Education. With this in mind it has started Subodh B.Ed. College, a Teacher training institute from the financial year 2006-07.

Subodh B.Ed. College's date of Recognition order is Dated 13 August 2006 & No. is : FNRC-F/NCTEF-7/6890(RJ - 595) and Dated 29 April 2015 & No. is F.No./NRC/NCTE/RJ-595/2015/96064-069 and the code no. of the college is 1309.

Subodh B.Ed. College is affiliated to Pt. Deendayal Upadhyaya Shekhawati University, Sikar, Rajasthan 332001

सुबोध संस्थान राष्ट्रीय एवं अंतर्राष्ट्रीय स्तर पर पहचान बना चुका है | संस्था मे अनुशासन, शिक्षा, ज्ञान-विज्ञान, खेलखुद एवं समाज सेवा के क्षेत्र मे सर्वश्रेष्ठ प्रदर्शन कर नये आयाम स्थापित किये | जिसकी बदोलत श्री मदन सिंह काजला को I.B.P.S. संस्थान द्वारा नई दिल्ली मे INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION EXCELLENCE AWARD से सम्मानित किया गया |

सुबोध संस्थान के निदेशक श्री मदन सिंह काजला को ALL INDIA ACHIEVERS FOUNDATION SANSTHAN की ओर से Ex. Chief Justice O.P. Verma एवं Ex. Central Union Minister Dr. Bhishm Narayan Singh  द्वारा नई दिल्ली मे BHARATIYA SHIKSHA EXCELLENCE AWARD से सम्मानित किया गया।


 Some of the features of Subodh Sansthan are

Excellent Academic Administration, quality Education & Disciplined Environment in campus.

Clean and open environment are available.

Quality Policy

We are committed to ‘achievement of quality’ as an integral part of our institutional policy by continuous self-evaluation and striving to improve ourselves.

Institute would pursue quality in:

·   All its endeavors like admissions, teaching- learning processes, examinations, extra and co-curricular activities, continuing education, and consultancy.

·   Functional areas like teaching department, library, administrative office, accounts office, canteen, security services, transport, maintenance section and all other services.